Fighting for his life after he contracted a strain of E. coli

A Minnesota boy is fighting for his life after he contracted a strain of E. coli — the same one that killed his younger sister earlier this week.

Kade, 5, and Kallan Maresh, 3, of Wright County, were sickened by an infection called Shiga toxin-producing E. coli (STEC) on July 9, Fox 9 reported. The siblings battled symptoms including non-stop bloody stool and vomiting, eventually leading them into acute kidney failure.

Last week, Kallan, who would have turned 4 years old next month, died when the Shiga toxin from the bacteria attacked the toddler’s kidneys and neurological system.



“Her brain and heart were being damaged,” her parents, Joseph and Tyffani Maresh, wrote on their donation site, CaringBridge. “Our sweet sweet little girl lost the battle.”

“We got to hold her free of tubes and snuggle and kiss her. She is the most amazing little girl in the world. Our hearts are aching with the deepest sadness,” they wrote in the post.


The parents said their son “is still fighting” despite the toxins reaching his neurological system.

“He has had a blood transfusion [and] is on kidney dialysis and may need platelets,” the post read. “He has a long road to recovery and we hope and pray the toxins stay away from his brain and heart and other organ systems.”